About Us

Metal Action Ltd provides Canadian Industries with the highest quality manufacturing and machining services. Our truly unique specialty is 3D and multi-axis machining. These are always the most time consuming and error-prone tasks among CNC specialists. With the investment in Pro/Engineer 3D product design software (as our CAD/CAM system of choice) we have overcome many issues faced by others. Pro/Engineer is truly a magic wand in the hands of an experienced operator.

Over the years in the industry, we have observed that traditionally there is a huge gap between engineers/designers and CNC operators/programmers. The former have all great ideas based on the theoretical knowledge. The latter are more end-result oriented and focused on the practicality. As a result, these two groups have often trouble communicating and conveying the information in an efficient manner. We look to be the glue that holds these two together and provide the right product for your needs.


From brilliant thinkers such as T.A. Edison, Henry Ford, Enzo Ferrari, Ferdinand Porsche, we have noticed, they were willing to get their hands dirty. That is what made the difference in their lives and ultimately ours. We try to model Metal Action after those benchmarks. As such, the company has become a “boutique” machine shop, fuelled by challenges and innovation. We excel at machining materials such as inconel, titanium, and aluminum. Our major projects currently are related to aerospace tooling (hydroforming formblocks, moulds, assembly jigs, fixtures, and etc) and aerospace production (flying) parts for Boeing, Avcorp, Cessna, etc. We also produce work for products in the display, and high end auto racing industries. We are expanding into other high performance industries and look forward to your challenges.