Engineering & Design Services

At Metal Action, we offer a full range of 3 and 4-axis precision machining of aluminum alloys, alloy steels, titanium, and all types of stainless steel. We work closely with outside vendors to supply other value added operations such as punching, press break forming, anodizing, painting, plating, engraving and screen printing. Metal Action uses both in-house and outside services in order to supply finished assemblies and ensure cost savings to you.

We manufacture a wide array of parts across numerous markets. These markets include: aerospace, military, marine, cleantech and commercial. Our aerospace customers are suppliers to globally recognized firms such as Boeing, Airbus Industries, Cessna and Bombardier.

Aerospace Tooling is another long-time specialty of Metal Action Machining. We have designed and manufactured hundreds of hydro forming form blocks with 100% production success rate. We manufacture and build various assembly tools, jigs, joggle blocks and fixtures.

We also manufacture a line of rugged aluminum enclosures for electronic components. Choose one from our list of enclosures available. Need a custom size? We can customize our products to fit your needs or have our engineers custom design an enclosure to meet your specifications.

Continuous attention to detail, combined with extensive experience with our engineering and manufacturing processes allows Metal Action to optimize the production of your parts, providing the highest quality, on-time delivery, and at the most competitive pricing available.