“… This fairly complex assembly required many sheet-metal parts that needed to be hydroformed. Based on our previous business experience, Metal Action Machining has been chosen as responsible and dependable supplier for our sheet-metal tooling. Tools have been delivered as per schedule, all manufactured exactly to our specifications. Metal   Action has accepted our native CATIA models and used those for the tool design, NC   programming, machining and assembly. Overall, their response to our needs was excellent   and I will nothesitate to procure more business with Metal Action Machining.”

“… Metal Action has been and continues to be one of our most reliable and consistent suppliers.They continually surpass our standards on quality and value. We would encourage other companies to utilize their services.”

“… Metal Action provided us with a quality service with quick turnaround. They even were able to pull off a 24 hour delivery on a complex emergency part.”

  “…It gave us a chance to verify you cutting the apertures, which worked out great. My  technician took the cavities right out of the box and built them up, and they meet all the  specs. Good Job!”

“Metal Action is frequently involved in various R&D projects and is able to deliver our parts as required and on time. The quality was very good and prices very satisfactory.” “We needed to machine some strategic surfaces on our   piece of fixture, and we were too busy to experiment. Since Metal Action uses the same   software (Pro/E) as we at RaceFace, they were able to CNC machine the critical surfaces   for a perfect match with our mating parts.”

“… the task was to provide our major customer, Daimler/Chrysler, with a set of mechanical production drawings and 3D CAD assembly of our very advanced and complex Hydrogen Storage System for the fuel cell powered heavy-duty bus. The job also involved numerous translations across various CAD systems with the goal of obtained computer data being readable both on CATIA and Pro/E. Mark at Metal Action was very responsive and cooperative to ensure that every detail
required had been covered”